Cattolica Acquario

Visit one of the largest aquariums on the Adriatic Coast. Here 2.5 million liters of sea water contain more than 3000 specimens from more than 400 different species. A magical place where nature mingles with beauty and fun.

There are 4 indoor exhibits to choose from. The aquarium is a must visit spot no matter what the weather. Both adults and children will have an unforgettable experience at the Cattolica Aquarium.

BLUE: with over 100 viewing pools and 3000 specimens from 400 different species. Sharks, penguins, tortoises, and jelly fish medusa are just some of the many animals that you will encounter on this thrilling itinerary.
YELLOW: a journey through the discovery of bodies of water. Two pools with spectacular scenery hosting charming sea animals such as baby spectacled Caiman crocodiles and the most cuddly and playful of mammals - sea otters.
GREEN: dedicated to exotic animals such as chameleons, frogs, insects and snakes in a place full of mystery and intrigue.
PURPLE: dedicated to the sounds of the inhabitants of the sea.

The latest newcomers of Cattolica Acquario: sea otters and caiman crocs

A journey through the discovery of bodies of water, you will be able to welcome our incredible newcomers to the aquarium: baby spectacled Caiman crocodiles and the most cuddly and playful of mammals - sea otters.

Take the time to visit the YELLOW exhibit which, thanks to its two large tanks, both children and adults will be amazed. These new tanks meet the aquarium's objective to sensitize and educate the public towards conservation, management and responsible use of aquatic environments through greater awareness and knowledge of animal species and their habitat.

Diving in the sharks pool

Come face to face with fear. Dive in the shark tank in complete safety. Here are some comments left soon after a dive in our Dive Diary:
" Only in the water can you feel lightness and peaceful relaxation which we all try to attain every day. Silence, inside and out, is an offering of beauty that only nature can provide before my very eyes...This is the way I want to live each and every day!!!"
"Amazing to think I was swimming next to a tank-full of sharks which you only see in films. Here, contrary to popular belief, peace rules. A once in a lifetime experience."
"It's been said before but it's true: this experience is once in a lifetime! Whom ever gets the chance , will understand that another world truly exists, perhaps even better than our own!! Do it!!!"

Cattolica Acquario Sunset

Cattolica Acquario in a historical colony

The Aquarium of Cattolica lies within a seaside colony built in 1932. Officially opened in 1934, the site truly seems to resemble a navy fleet: at the centre the flagship, the dining hall, and a pair of torpedo like dormitories at the side. The structure represented an avant-guard futurism synonymous with modernism, speed, and progress. This architectural masterpiece was restructured in 1999 with aid from the town of Cattolica, now under the protection of Environmental and Architectural Heritage of Ravenna, represent an asset unlike any other of its kind.

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